Strategic Plan

Pointing the Way for our Next Five Years...and Beyond!

In early 2019, a Strategic Planning Committee was formed to chart a path forward for the next five years of this organization, which led to development of our first (2019-2024) Strategic Plan. The members of this committee worked throughout 2019 to develop a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Operational Principles for our organization and then formulate measurable Goals and Objectives that reflect these statements and where we want NA4SA to be as an organization by the end of 2020, 2022 and 2024.

Unique to our Strategic Plan is the use of five Operational Principles as the organizing basis for the Goals and Objectives. Inspired by a business card used by the Superintendent of Schools in Wayzata, Minnesota and discovered by Harry Bettencourt, we wanted these statements to be powerful but concise enough to fit on our own business card.

In 2024, we are working on development of our next Strategic Plan, to cover the years from 2025-2029. The revised Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Operational Principles for the next Strategic Plan are presented below:

Mission Statement

WHO we are...

We connect and inspire Student Activity advisors with the ideas and resources that empower themselves and others to grow as leaders and transform their schools and communities.

Vision Statement

WHERE we want to go...

Growing Leaders Nationwide.
Since 1973.
Today and Tomorrow.

Operational Principles

WHY we will get there...
  • CONNECT Student Activity Professionals
  • EMPOWER Student and Adult Leaders
  • PROMOTE the Value and Impact of Student Activities

Strategic Plan Documents


The following documents will be updated as we pursue the goals and objectives within. All documents are in PDF format for easy viewing and download:

2020-2024 Strategic Plan - this document contains all of the above plus the individual goals, objectives and timelines for achieving them.

CPR Card (January 2024) - this document marks the progress we are making toward achieving each of the stated goals and objectives. It also indicates the Board members chairing each Committee (based on the Operational Principles listed above) and point people for each of our Goals and Objectives.

If you have any questions about our Strategic Plan or would like to become more involved with its implementation we encourage you to contact NA4SA Executive Director Lou Miller at or Board Member James Layman at

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