The Harry Bettencourt Legacy Award

Recognizing Service, Kindness, and a Commitment to Lifelong Learning

To honor the memory of Harry Bettencourt (1947-2020), who served on the NAWD Board of Directors for many years, a new award was introduced following his untimely passing in 2020 to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the values that Harry exemplified in actively promoting the value of participation in Student Activities, a long-time sustained commitment to advisor growth and student leadership development while maintaining indispensable kindness and a welcoming spirit to others.

About Harry

Harry Bettencourt was often the first smiling face one would see at our annual National Conference on Student Activities (NCSA); he made it a priority to be at the registration table to welcome attendees while also serving as a a resource for those seeking to earn college credit through their attendance at the NCSA.

Harry always put others needs before his own, doing whatever was necessary to ensure that each attendee had the best experience possible while at our National Conference on Student Activities. His service was not limited to our own conferences; for many years Harry also volunteered his time and efforts at the annual National Conference for the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) to ensure student leaders and their advisors would have the best experience there.

A special virtual tribute entitled "Remembrance of a Live Well-Lived" was organized and conducted a few weeks after Harry's untimely passing. You can CLICK HERE to view the video of this special tribute that involved nearly one hundred friends, colleagues and family members sharing their Harry Bettencourt stories.

Current Recipient

As presented by past recipient Sandy Hillman:

Harry Bettencourt.  His name is synonymous with care, love, passion and a sincere desire to help all advisors feel welcomed by giving them a true sense of belonging. The 2023 NCSA is the second time that we have gathered in person since Harry’s passing.  There is a hole that simply can not be filled.  As a NA4SA board member, he would be the first smile and hug that one would get at the registration desk.  His presence is missed terribly. The board has committed to honor Harry by creating an award in his name. The Award Criteria...

  • Attendance at a minimum of 20 NAWD/NCSA conferences
  • Actively promotes the value of participation in student activities
  • Has a history of volunteering at NCSA and  other conferences/workshops
  • Demonstrates a commitment to advisor growth and student leadership development
  • Prjoects a positive personality, indispensable kindness and a welcoming spirit to others
  • Promotes the value of lifelong learning

Our award winner is the consummate southern gentleman who greets you with a smile and a hug, he always projects a positive helping attitude. He is a kind gentleman who always makes everyone feel welcome and special. When NA4SA asks for his help and participation, he steps up to the plate. His sweet unassuming personality always makes those with whom he interacts feel comfortable and welcome. He loves NA4SA like Harry did, and has done so much for its growth and development. He hosted the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) National Conference in 2001, the year following the conference held in Cupertino which Harry hosted. He embodies all of the qualities that are part of the criteria and has served over 30 years as a State Executive Director for the North Carolina Association of Student Councils.  He has attended 44 NAWD/NCSA Conferences and has hosted not only one but two NAWD/NCSA conferences, at the Grove Park Inn in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

We are honored to present the 2023 Harry Bettencourt Legacy Award to Colby Cochran from North Carolina. The presentation was made by Paula Bettencourt, Harry's wife (at the podium), and Matt Bettencourt, Harry's son (fourth from the left).

Past Recipients

  • 2023 - Colby Cochran, North Carolina
  • 2022 - Jim Finnemeyer, Pennsylvania
  • 2021 - Sandy Hillman, Indiana
  • 2020 - Andy Costanzo, Pennsylvania

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